The Art of Transition. The Romanian-Hungarian collection of Gábor Hunya

Simona Vilau

Simona Vilau and Valentina Iancu: Art Collecting in Romania

A private collection based on 'the art of transition' is the collection of Gábor Hunya, a Hungarian contemporary collector, based on both Hungarian and Romanian artworks. Parts from his collection have been exhibited already, in Vienna, Budapest and Bucharest. This collection is one of the few mentioned in this study, that has a comprehensive catalogue with images, theoretically sustained by specialized studies, written both by Hungarian and Romanian specialists. The book is entitled Bucharest-Budapest Bridge. Contemporary Romanian and Hungarian Arts. The Gábor Hunya Collection and comprises over 200 pages. Mr. Hunya is the owner of many artworks by relevant, yet fashionable Romanian artists from the 90s and the beginnings of 2000, artists that were, and still are, interested in social and political subjects, in the framework of sudden political and social changes, such as migration, globalization, the Communist heritage, the 'ghost' of Ceausescu in people's conscience, corruption, poverty etc. Artists like Ioana Batranu, Matei Bejenaru (b. 1963), Dumitru Gorzo (b. 1975), Teodor Graur (b. 1953), Petru Lucaci (b. 1956), 2META (Maria Manolescu (b. 1956), Romelo Pervolovici (b. 1956)), Marilena Preda Sanc (b. 1955), or Sorin Tara (b. 1975), from the Romanian side, are to be found in this collection.