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News about the symposium:

Summary of Stefania Brugnaletti (curator, architect) on the symposium of the gallery - arranged for its 25 years jubilee of existence - and on the paralell art tour to Budapest, in Italian!


Interview with Hans Knoll on the occasion of the 25 years existens of Knoll Galéria Budapest and the art collecting symposium !


Symposium on Art Collecting – 25th Anniversary of Knoll Galéria Budapest

We invite you to join us for the jubelee symposium of Knoll Galéria Budapest celebrating the 25th anniversary, on Saturday, 22nd of November 2014, from 2.30 - 6 p.m.

The symposium is focused on art collecting: beyond the results of our international research project titled EEC - Eastern European Collectors on the history of art collecting in the region presenting special collectors’ positions, phenomenons and artists’ activities connected to this topic.

02.30-03.00: Arrival


Lecture of Hans Knoll (Vienna & Budapest) on the experiences and future plans of the EEC - Eastern European Collectors research project. http://www.knollgalerie.at/eastern-european-collectors.html

Dr. Nina Gazovicova (PhD, Bratislava) summits the newest results of her research, concerning Slovakia with title: From Hibernation to Hyperactivity - The Role of Collector and Collecting in Slovakia.

(Both in English language.)


Presentation of the artistgroup randomroutines. (In English language.)

Lecture of Martin Fritz (writer, curator and consultant based in Vienna, www.martinfritz.net) titled Public Art Commissioning in Austria.

The presentation will track the post-war-development of Public Art Commissioning in Austria. From its beginnings as a legal requirement to its disappearance in legally privatized infrastructure-companies, in addition examples of funding pools in Austrian Federal provinces. (In English language.)


Art collectors Judit Reszegi and Imre Balogh present their activity and collections with photographs, moderated by Katalin Spengler (expert, art collector, Budapest). (Conversation in Hungarian language)


Supported by: Austrian Cultural Forum Budapest & The Slovak Institute in Budapest