Wilhelm Scherübl

2006/7, holy thistles, cloth bags, strings, carabiner, 50x50x25cm

Light Tumor

Wensday, 02.04.2008, 7p.m.

Elisabeth von Samsonov will open the exhibition.
The artist will be present.

02.04. - 31.05.2008

In Light Tumors / Leichter Wucherungen presented by Wilhelm Scherübl in the Knoll Gallery Vienna a current selection of his works.

The dichotomy between art and nature is at the centre of the work of the Austrian artist and former pupil (at the Academy of Art in Vienna (1985-1990)) of Bruno Gironcoli .

Scherübl's artistic reflections focus on the complexity of natural and artificial processes; on development and decay; on growth and decomposition of material. His works are material products taken out of transformational processes.

Recurring factors in Scherübl's work are light and structure.
Light is both his starting point and his working material. Fluorescent tubes form the writing and change contexts in spaces and landscapes. Wilhelm Scherübl uses light as a means of projection, reducing complex objects in nature and culture to two-dimensional, black and white silhouettes. His shadow sketches refer in a negative fashion to the fundament of life: light.
Structural forms of nature are artificially induced, like, for example the minus watercolours.
The patterns are created in the course of water becoming solid. Wilhelm Scherübl was represented in important exhibitions to the theme of Nature with these works. Scherübl?s structural sketches can be seen as a contrast to the naturally created minus watercolours. The innumerable repetitions can be seen as a tightrope walk between chaos and order.

The structural sketches will be especially conspicuous in the window of the gallery. The central elements of light and structure will be fused into a symbiosis. The daylight will be turned into new forms, broken and changed by the tusche structures in the window.

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