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Csaba Nemes: Remake

Elindul a tank..., a "Remake" c. sorozatból, 2007

19. April - 28. July 2007

Our exhibition shows animation movies and drawings from the new opus by Csaba Nemes, Remake, in which he deals with the riots in Budapest in fall of 2006. Nemes calls these violent demonstrations that occured because of the coincidence of the 50th anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 and the controversal statements of prime minister Ferenc Gyurcsany "Remake": "The demonstrators claimed to be making history. They never took notice of the fact that all what was happening was an embarrassing remake of the events that had occured in 1956."

"To tell the truth, I was really stunned by the riots of the autumn of 2006. Not because I cannot except that there can be unforseen dramatic, tragicomical or even bizarre events during the historical evolution of a state. Rather because I had to face the fact, that we, the citizens of this country, carry along with us such a political, philosophical burden, filled with contradictions that still havn't  been pointed out nor solved. We have had enough of politics interfering with our intimate sphere, but the events tell us that we are too apolitical.  We turn our heads away too often...We don't put any questions...Don't fight for our rights... Nevertheless in private or in pubs we do have an opinion. Still, we live our lives as it didn't concern us what goes on in our sorroundings. Now we can see the result of this.  Let us not be guilty of the same mistake again, let us face the facts, because the facts reflect what we are...
I chose the animation as medium, because it isn't even slightly documentarist, the cruel naturalism of the technical images being unknown to it... With it's help I plan to create the ironic remake of the political farce of last autumn."
(Csaba Nemes 2007)

Shown animation movies:

Túró Rudi
Combino song
The tank gets away...

In collaboration with Éva Magyarósi, Adrián Kupcsik, film positive, Juci Németh, Gergely Kovács, Péter Závada, Leo Menyhárt