Myosotis discolor

Woman in The Shower, 2007, oil, acrylic, lacquer, epoxy resin on molino, 150x160 cm

Ákos Birkás, Ivica Capan, Paul Horn, Petr Kvicala, Mara Mattuschka, Wilhelm Scherübl

Opening and
Galleriesbreakfast of the galleries and exhibition institutions of the 6th and 7th districts of Vienna
7th of June 2008
The exhibitiion lasts until 31st of July 2008.


Knoll Galerie Wien is showing the first major exhibition by von Paul Horn and Harald Hund in Vienna. The two artists are already well known as a result of their exhibitions and participation in exhibitions in Austria, Germany, Italy, Slovakia and other countries, as well as for their films.

The spaces built by Paul Horn and Harald Hund in their exhibition 'Living Rooms', have very different lives of their own, and reflect the condition of their users. In doing this the artists have availed themselves of a number of different formal solutions and media: video, installation, painting, photography, collage, models... Alongside paintings and the new video installation 'Dropping Furniture', a surprising installation is also on show in the exhibition, in a special space in the gallery that has never been used before.

Paul Horn (painting, photography, video and installation work) and Harald Hund (video, animation, photographic work and graphics) have been cooperating for several years, primarily on videos. Their films have been shown in numerous international exhibitions and film festivals.

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