Mara Mattuschka - La Vie En Rose

Opening: Wednesday, May 16, 2018, 7pm
May 17, 2018 - June 21, 2018

The latest paintings of the painter, film and theater maker, Mara Mattuschka will be on view from the 17th of May in the Knoll Gallery Vienna. The focus of the exhibited works is no longer the artist in different identity constructions and depicted from different perspectives, but unidentifiable androgyne, observed "through the pink glasses". Mara Mattuschka shows the beauty with the naive, not judgmental look of a painter.
The figures appear in different poses and attitudes on the imaginary stage of the painting to express their soul through their body and facial expressions. Most of the actors unfold themselves on their own as nobody can see them. Their gestures, however, give the impression that they are acting and want to attract our attention.
The androgynous, pink-haired protagonist of the painting "La Vie En Rose" can be seen in a frontal view and under front light, which enhances her confident debut. The pink cape is revealed and nothing stands in the way of self-staging. By another figure the sexual characteristics are put into focus. The man wears high-heeled shoes that seem to clarify his identity. He is the contemporary Dorian Gray, a narcissistic hipster who may sit model for a portrait. In another image, the viewer is part of the composition. A dog look at the lonely mutated figure in the foreground. They are spotlighted. This makes it clear that the animal's gaze is the protagonist of the painting.
The light is used in Mara Mattuschka's paintings similarly as in theater and film, it lends the model its character and ambiguity. They are not portraits, but representations of universal feelings and the human soul. The different identities point out the colorfulness of our society and the assumed roles of the people. At the same time, the differences are pushed into the background by the curious and unconcealed gaze of the artist. The motifs of the theater and the different identities are elaborated in the latest film of Mara Mattuschka in another medium as well. The philosophical treaty "Phaidros" by Plato serves as source of the film. The themes of love, friendship and seduction are examined under the exciting backdrop of a queer pub and a theater.
The different genres of art arise from the same creative excitement and involve the reassurance of the achieved harmony. At the end of the process, a monotonous sound plays in the painter's mind and during the exhibition Edith Piaf resonate in the ears of the audience.

Text: Rebeka Erdö