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Ivan Gorshkov: Instant Bliss

Ivan Gorshkov: Without Title, iron/welding/enamel, 2013, 130x50x90cm

27. March - 24. May 2014.

Opening Speech: Kinga Bódi Art Historian

Ivan Gorshkov is working with drawing, painting and sculpture. In all media he is applying his specific vibrant abstract language, but one which at some points still can be retraced to a representational approach, traditionally taught in Russian art academies. In his drawings, mostly using pencil or pastel,  he is elaborating complex layers of color, structure, semi-abstract forms, sharp and soft strokes. All those elements compete with each other, but none of them is inferiored. Gorhskov defines a somehow harmonious setting for those contradictory forces without withdrawing the perceivable tension.