Ludmila Hrachovinova


9.11.2022 - 28.1.2023

Knoll Galerie Vienna shows the current series of abstract paintings by Slovak artist Ludmila Hrachovinová (b. 1984).

In her artworks, Hrachovinová questions the medium of painting and places it in various interactive and performative positions. The artist creates unusual positions for the artworks and questions the norms inscribed in the medium of painting and its tradition.

The viewer plays an active role in this process of deconstructing and challenging familiar notions inscribed in the medium of painting. With the interaction of the viewer, the performative installations become complete. Ludmila Hrachovinová can be considered as a puppeteer who plays very wisely with the observers and the exhibition space. She creates positions in the space for her paintings that hinder the usual flow of the space and allow the viewer to interact with various body movements in order to see and understand the paintings in their entirety.

The abstract forms and elements depicted are often in the slight tension between movement and stillness. Hrachovinová's intention is to explore the relationship between these elements, to create a tension between them, and at the same time to promote the resolution of this tension in the exhibition space in the physical relationship between the observer and the paintings.