Luca Göbölyös

Balloons, 2007, lenticulare photography, 90x90 cm

Personal Time

Opening and
Gallerynight in the 6th and 7th District of Vienna
Wednesday, 19th of November 2008

in connection with the
Month of Photography and the
Vienna Art Week 2008

The exhibition lasts until 17.01.2008

The first exhibition of works by Luca Göbölyös at Knoll Galerie, Vienna, features two series of photographs that evoke the artist?s private sphere.

For the lenticular series, the artist has drawn on photographs from her own childhood and youth, which she manipulated using a peculiar technique. Each image has been created from several photographs, which the beholder sees through a lenticular lens: depending on his own movement and the angle at which light falls on the image, these pictures are seen now as interpenetrating, now as separate. Göbölyös uses this technique, which was popular in the 1970s, to present events from the same era. The double character of memories becomes apparent: we sometimes forget something that will later suddenly flare up. The texts accompanying the photographs tell of specific individual memories, but they
also function on the level of collective memory: in many of us who have lived in the same region as the artist, they will trigger reminiscences of similar stories and experiences.
For the past year, the artist has created a photographic record of one moment of each Sunday in her life; these photographs form the project "Sundaygirls". Although the work is like a diary and displays a process, it is only to a limited extent comparable to the photoblogs that are so popular today. It includes shots of intimate moments that are not meant for the wide audience of the Internet. The motifs of these photographs are highly private and show small discoveries: for instance, of the tiny reflection of the artist?s face in the shiny surface of a door-handle. Using special perspectives and detail selections, the artist reveals a variety of structures, which she highlights using the means of classical avantgarde photography.
(Erzsébet Pilinger, 22.07.2008)

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