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Csaba Nemes: This is Not a War

Csaba Nemes: The Silence of Wenders is Overrated I., 2012, mixed technic/paper, 50x50 cm

11. April - 1. June 2013.


The caracteristics of the new graphical series of Csaba Nemes are humor and the surprising visual solutions.

His works are montage-like, both the ones depicting urban, public sorroundings and the ones representing rural, personal milieu. Although all of them are figural imageries, the tools of the classical avantgard – geometrical structures and elements, reflections, short texts -  are still essential in the poetical, but - at the same time -  ironical scenes.
The grotesque, satirical aspect of the graphics – evolving from the the proportion-changing of the figures and by juxtaposing different picture-planes – evokes literary examples, and hereby social-critical aspects.


So the processes of the past, present and potential future appear in the new works of Nemes dinamically, offered for interpretation. They invoke – at the same time – the mood and solutions formerly experimental film, that became cultic until now. The meaning of the works are farther structured by art historical allusions. They  - both textual and pictorial – can be interpreted as question on the effects of art and society onto each other and on the role of the art.


The title of his exhibition indirectly refers on tho his complex approach, what is not devoid of humor.


The exhibition show the following series:

-       Inter Utopia Experimental Housing Estate,

-       Fathers Name: Csaba Nemes,

-       Utopia-Ruinpub