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Katarina Šević: Raft Stage

Pendant, 2012, object (wood, shellac, chain), 50x35x3 cm

13. September - 10. November 2012.

 The exhibition, with its enigmatic and poetic title Raft Stage manifests the result of several years' progress. The artist herself defines the installation as a „property-room of a lost stage“, consisting of spatial constructions, costumes, objects and photos. Every one of them recalls certain roles, situations and narratives, forming a multi-level associative
symbol- and reference-system. The situation offers the viewer the possibility to identify their own roles as well, activating spheres of personal, collective, traumatic and even unconscious experiences. The theatre, in this context, becomes a metaphor for the space of social existence and social events, similarly to the interpretation of role-theory in sociology.

Supported by Nemzeti Kulturális Alap