Alexander Brener and Barbara Schurz - Last seen entering the MUMOK

Last seen entering the MUMOK, Tusche und Aquarell auf Papier, 38x28,5 cm

Opening: Wednesday, 30th March 2011, 7pm
Exhibition lasts until 07th May 2011

Knoll Gallery Vienna presents new drawings of the artists Alexander Brener & Barbara Schurz, recently made in Berlin.

They turned their back on Vienna with the statement and exhibition title „Alexander Brener and Barbara Schurz: Last seen entering the MUMOK“, but not without leaving a work same titled: The picture story shows the couple in elatedness before they grace nacked the burning MUMOK, announcing inside „We made it“. Surrounded by very hip MQ visitors of course. Another drawing illustrates the inconvenient life of the poet, rebell and dissident Arthur Cravan who was his lifetime on the run. He tried to follow his love Mina Loy to Buenos Aires, but he never returned from his trial trip on the Pacific. His disappearence was the reason for many ventures and let him become a legend.

Brener und Schurz comment ironically on politics, art, society and every day life in drawings with titles like „Trubalotta continua. Seven pillars of wisdom“ or „An unknown girl who refuses to participate in the system“.
Didactically transformed in the tradition of the Lubok, the russian popular print, they update this to be forgotten medium as mouthpiece of the people. They provide sarcastic quotes about the criticized dominating culture of exploitation and  the capital, by means of their theatrical playful and at the same time evidently folkish picture language.
A subject they also analyze in their numerous books which play an important role in their artistic production, and which feature appealing prose, verses and drawings. Therefore we are very happy to present as well their newest book „Römische Offenbarungen“ besides the 20 drawings.