• Parallel films /5/ Russia,which we have lost, poster, 2010, 59,4x84,1 cm
  • Blue Noses Group, Home Video, 2010, crystal glass objects, video installation, courtesy: KnollGalerieWien
  • Blue Noses, the new gods fools, 1999, Photographie, ed. 10, 68 x 100 cm
  • Parallel films /3/ If I were Harry Potter, poster, 2010, 59,4x84,1 cm
  • Parallel films /2/ Cafe Elefant, poster, 2010, 59,4x84,1 cm
  • Revolutionary Icons - Crucified Leaders (Che Guevara), 2006, photography on banner, 350x276 cm
  • Revolutionary Icons - Crucified Leaders (Stalin), 2006, photography on banner, 350x276 cm
  • Kitchen Suprematism, 2004, photography, 100x68 cm
  • Kitchen suprematism, 2004, photography, 68x100 cm
  • The New God's Fools 13, 1999, photography, ed. 5/10, 100x68 cm

The Blue Noses Group

Viacheslav Mizin

1962 born in Novosibirsk. 1984 graduated from Novosibirsk Architectural Institute
lives and works in Novosibirsk and Moscow.

Alexander Shaburov

1965 born in Berezovsky, Sverdlovsk Region. 1985 graduated from Sverdlovsk College of Arts.
Since 1993 the member of the Artists' Union of the Russian Federation. 1998 received grant from the Soros Foundation for denture treatment as an artistic action. He lives and works in Ekaterinburg and Moscow.

The Blue Noses Group was founded 1998.