Trip to Poland – 2013. October

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We have made a two days long journey to Krakow, Poland to start learn about Krakow´s art scene and also to have possible suggestions for our author regarding the research about Polish collectors and collections in the 20th century until today.

On our way to Krakow we stopped at the nice city of Olomouc (Czech Republic), and visited an exhibition by Magdalena Jetelová: (Des)orientation? and Andrzej Pawłowski | Genesis / Cineforms at Museum of Modern Art. Jetelová, born in Czech Rebublic and living abroad, has changed big parts of the architecture of the upper floor by installing crooked fake walls, impressive.

1390507_3639356839266_1952031811_nHans in Olomouc

Later on, we arrived to the city of Krakow in the evening and visited the opening at Museum of Contemporary Art Krakow (MOCAK). We were surprised by this formel industrial building, which contains unexpected huge exhibition rooms. Among others we have seen ´Her hair ´ from Krystyna Piotrowska


Exhibition view of ´Her Hair´

and ´If You Shoot One of Them ´ from Marta Deskur and Manju Pavadai. The main rooms showed ´The Desire for Freedom. Art in Europe Since 1945 – 30th Council of Europe Exhibition´ and ´Good Boy´ with the works of Erwin Wurm. During the crowded openings of these 5 exhibitions (all in MOCAK) we have met interesting people from the local art scene, had inspiring talks. On the next morning we had a nice and valuable conversation with Maria Anna Potocka, director of MOCAK, very interesting and useful for our project. Here you could find a video with her and her colleagues about the exhibition. Afterall I could say that we had the chance to get best first insights about the art scene in Kraków and some overview of the art scene of Poland with this visit.

Check this video to have a certain taste of the exhibition ´The Desire for Freedom. Art in Europe Since 1945´ in MOCAK:


Later we have met the artists Łukasz Stokłosa and visited his studio. He is participating in the group show ´Uncertain Places´ with Karolina Breguła, Barbara Ipsics, Csaba Nemes, Dóra Palatinus at Knoll Galerie Wien from next week (29. January – 29. March 2014) in Vienna.

On our way back to Vienna we stopped at Zabrze – not so far from Katowice – to visit Bartosz Sikorski in a really special place, around 320 meters underground in an old coal mine called ´Guido´. In this mine you can find surprising things: first of all a concert hall with great accustic. Here takes place the annual Krzysztof Penderecki festival. Going deeper into the mine there is also an exhibition space, now displaying Bartosz Sikorski´s works. All together a unique experience – if you are in town visit this place, it is worth to see!

With our next post, we shall invite you to our journey to Bratislava to visit the must see contemporary art spaces in town! Stay tuned!

Gabriella & Hans

Photos about the exhibition opening ´The Desire for Freedom. Art in Europe Since 1945´:


Photos (c) EEC

UPDATE – Latest news from MOCAK this week: they published this book about the MOCAK Collection in braille, which is their third publication that is available for people with sight los!  Looking forward to have it!

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