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Uncertain Places

Ipsics Barbara: Character, 2013, video, 6´30"

21 November 2013 –  January 18. 2014.

Karolina Breguła, Barbara Ipsics, Csaba Nemes, Dóra Palatinus, Łukasz Stokłosa

Curator: Ulrike Payerhofer, Erzsébet Pilinger

By alteration of the different places - real and media-places - new, sensibile situations come into existence. As the result of it´s dynamics processes it take shape: influencing and modelling the being of induviduals and communities at the same time.

Evoked and documented the multi-layered story of an unused building, Barbara Ipsics´s video questions our actual, potential roles, both in poetical and ironical form.

Starting out from the changing in architectural and property relations Csaba Nemes refers to social progresses by his work, portreying a former holiday home from the time of the socialism, functioning as a temple now.

The paintings of Łukasz Stokłosa- based on movie-experiences - recall inner processes, with showing the transition of desired places or locations beared in mind.

The dream-bubbles of Dóra Palatinus are venues of real desires, but not projected into the past, as it would ensue from the traditional form of her objects,  but showing consciously planned spaces of the future, as venues of happiness.

With the film Fire-Followers - by showing a story of a town - Karolina Breguła reacts on the phenomena, what happens, if the most operative behavior and approach modi (the self-reflexivity, context-research) are exaggurated. On the other hand, how the tragically repeating events of the past determine the everyday life´s tactics in the present as well. Parallel with it, her work points out the real and imaginable positions in the art-scene with its grotesque, racy and self-ironical forms.

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