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Manierism of the Nomades of the `80s

Soós Tamás: Barock Landschaft (Barokk táj), 1986, olaj, vászon, 2x200x150 cm

16. Nov. 2023 - 20. Jan. 2024

Opening: 16. Nov. 2023, 7.pm.


István Bodóczky, László Fehér, György Kollár, István Mazzag, László Mulasics, Tamás Soós

"Nomadism of the age: reconstructing the past to create the present" - with this subtitle wrote Lóránd Hegyi about Hungarian art in the 1980s, in the volume entitled Second Publicity published by the gallery.  Then he refered to "mannerism" in the work of the emerging generation of young painters in the second half of the decade, what can be interpreted as a kind of unfolding.

Their works make the joy of creation and the generosity of existence, the appearance of the broader horizon, tangible - as Éva Forgács writes. As for the later period, László Százados mentions the non-abandonment of the sensual element in the use of colour and form, in the treatment of materials and surfaces, and emphasises the large-format and generous expressivity of our earlier exhibition Symmetry with Counterpoints, which recalls the period.

With works that have never been shown in Hungary before, our exhibition evokes this process of fulfilment and the desire for freedom that is also evident in the works, which anticipates the political events of the end of the decade. A transformation whose representative gesture and defining moment is when Aurel Bernát's painting The Workers' State is covered with a curtain in the office building of the Members of Parliament.