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Knoll Galler yBudapest is 30 Years Old

Opening: 13. Dec., 2019., 7 p.m.

Exhibition is on view:

13. 12. 2019 - 22. 02. 2020

How the first private gallery in Central-East Europe had emerged and how could – along with its Viennese counterpart – contribute to art scene that was to be born? 

What kind of rule it had with its private initiatives parallel to the alternations of state institutions? What kinds of new forms it had provided as a cultural as well as a financial enterprise to establish the publicity and the market for the art scene of Budapest?

What kind of a forum had been created by the gallery in the years of the regime change when intuitional alternations were constant?

Now, we introduce you to our important exhibitions, artworks and documents (photos, articles and short films) as a “breathing archive” as well as we would like to share our common stories with artists, collectors, visitors and friends.

Our activity was formed by inspirations from many. We thank them and invite you to celebrate with us.

Participating artists:

AES+F, Ákos Birkás, Blue Noses, Erika Baglyas, Alexander Brener & Barbara Schurz, Róza El-HassanAndrás J. Nagy, Luca Gőbölyös, Paul Horn, Johanna Kandl, Joseph Kosuth, Stanislav Kolibal, Bartosz Kokosinski, Kamil Kukla, Kundy Crew,  Lovas Ilona, Mara Mattuschka, Csaba Nemes Klára Rudas

Concept: Erzsébet Pilinger, Hans Knoll

Research: Márton Sóti 

Exhibition-design: Zsófia Szemző 

Logo: Klára Rudas 

Special thanks to Artmagazin, Balkon, Bárka, István Hajdú, Magyar Narancs, László Százados, Erzsébet Tatai, tranzit.hu, Klára Rudas, Műértő