Exhibition by Paul Horn/Lotte Lyon

Neufundland, 2001

A photo and postcard series by Paul Horn in cooperation with Lotte Lyon

Duration: July to September 2019

Institute for Human Sciences
(Staircase, basement to 2nd floor)

Spittelauer Lände 3
1090 Vienna

Visits: during the general opening hours (8:30-14:30), on request or during events. Admission free.

In cooperation with the Institut for Human Sciences, Knoll Gallery Vienna is showing a selection of works by the artist Paul Horn and Lotte Lyon from their series "Neufundland" in the premises of the institute. Neufundland is a series of photographs with different views of the city and landscapes as motifs. However, these motifs are executed as models. For example, the jungle consists of lettuce leaves, cress seeds, pantyhose, driftwood and other elements. The big city is reconstructed from various packaging materials and toy parts. Sky and sea consist of cover foils, which are illuminated in such a way that they resemble water and mirages.

"Our intention was to create artificial spaces, which on the one hand are atmospheric, but on the other hand are recognizable as stagings on closer inspection. Perception should be able to tilt between illusion and disillusionment". - Paul Horn/ Lotte Lyon

 "One could have believed": this is the kind of illusion that enchants. Without insight it would remain an error; without tender closeness only a petty stupidity...

The photo series "Neufundland" by Lotte Lyon and Paul Horn presents its public something similar to a landscape - a new territory, formed by models consisting mainly of simple finds. In some works, the illusion is completely manifest; in others, it only reveals itself upon very close inspection. Here the series serves as a reading guide for the individual work. As with all art deceptions, it is crucial that the public is not deceived in "Neufundland". Rather, as the psychoanalyst Octave Mannoni once wrote, they have to be "in cahoots" with the artists. If, for example, a murder in a crime film would be considered a real act of violence, the joy of the film would be gone. The illusion must therefore be turned into an "anonymous" illusion. "One could have believed" is its formula. And one could continue with "Neufundland": "...although the means are so simple". Refined model building would perhaps generate admiration; found objects, however, make thieving joy possible. - Robert Pfaller, Philosoph, lehrt an der Kunstuniversität Linz.