curated by Eszter Lázár and Edina Nagy - ZEITGEISTLOS

Opening: Thursday, September 13, 2018, 6 pm 
September 14, 2018 - November 3, 2018

Special event at the opening from 6:20-7:20 PM at the foyer
Zorka Wollny & Christine Schörkhuber
Lullabies to Wake Up, 2018
Sound Performance in collaboration with Judit Dapin, Imola Galvácsy, Marilies Jagsch, Hans Knoll, Lisbeth Kovacic, Christina Plank, Katarina Pling

  • Curated by 2018 - VIENNALINE
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  • Ádám_Albert_Svatopluk_Mikyta_Curated By_2018
  • Svatopluk_Mikyta_Re_Drawings_1996_2014_Courtesy Collection of Zsolt Somlói_Katalin Spengler_Curated By 2018
  • Lada Nakonechna_Merge visible_2016_Courtesy Galerie EIGEN+ART Leipzig/Berlin_CuratedBy2018
  • Lada Nakonechna_Merge visible_2016_Courtesy EIGEN_ART_Leipzig_Berlin_CuratedBy2018
  • Courtesy Kay Walkowiak_Zeller van Almsick_Vienna_CuratedBy2018
  • Courtesy_Kay Walkowiak_Zeller van Almsick Vienna_CuratedBy2018

The era of Red Vienna is well known to those who are familiar with the leftist ideologies and aspirations of the 20th Century. The goals of the former Social Democrats were not, or only partially, realized, but we are convinced that these experiments – including contradictions – have relevance in today's socio-political situation. The exhibition explores these utopian promises and their sobering legacy, because the present reveals an increasingly dystopian vision of the future.
The exhibition, rather than attempting to process this historical period, aims to read it further. The question of whether the artistic reflections envision the sustainability of a livable society, in any case, remains open.

Participating artists: Ádám ALBERT, FORM FUTURE: Kim Dotty HACHMANN, Steffi SIMMEN; Pawel KORBUS; Svätopluk MIKYTA; Lada NAKONECHNA; Kay WALKOWIAK; Zorka WOLLNY

Edina Nagy is a freelance art critic and curator and a frequent contributor to Hungarian art publications and journals. She works as a senior lecturer at the Department of Aesthetics at ELTE Budapest. Edina Nagy collaborated with Eszter Lázár in two projects for the OFF Biennale Budapest: When Artist Speaks (2015) and The Flying Kayak (2017). She is currently a visiting fellow at IWM Vienna. 

Eszter Lázár is a freelance curator and lecturer at the Department of Art Theory and Curatorial Studies at MKE Budapest. She curated various exhibitions in Budapest. Her recent enterprises are co-curatorial exhibitions with Edina Nagy and a collaborative project Residency Under Investigation at Since 2016 she has been a researcher of the RomArchive international initiative.

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