Forsaken Utopias

Opening: Thursday, January 25, 2018, 7pm

26.01 2018 - 03.03.2018

  • Csaba Nemes, Numbered Streets, mixed technic, paper, 29,5x42 cm, 2017
  • Csaba Nemes, The Monster of Modernity, oil on canvas, 65x90 cm, 2017
  • Moni K. Huber, Ruine Hotel, Marina Lucica, oil, watercolour, paper on canvas, 140x190 cm, 2017
  • Andrea Kalinova, series Hot modern, 160x106cm, 2014-2016
  • Andrea Kalinova, series Hot modern 160x106cm, 2014-2016
  • Moni K. Huber, Hotelruine Haludovo, 140x190, oil, watercolour, paper on canvas, 2015
  • Csaba Nemes_Moni K. Huber_Forsaken Utopias_Installationview_01_2018
  • Csaba Nemes_Andrea Kalinova_Forsaken Utopias_Installationview_01_2018
  • Moni K_Huber_Forsaken Utopias_Installationview_01_2018


"Forsaken Utopias", curated by Pia Jardi in cooperation with Galerie Gans is to be seen in two galleries in Vienna. The exhibited works of the three artists Moni K. Huber,
Andrea Kalinová and Csaba Nemes present different constructions with changing functions and ruins of the past.

Throughout history ruins situated in nature have inspired many artists. Ruins appeal to our imagination, help to visualize the inescapable passage of time and remind us of our own fugacity. In the widest sense, ruins are also a symbol of destruction and collapse.

With the birth of archeology as a scientific activity in the eighteenth century the ruins of antique buildings became a part of the landscape painting. At the time of Romantic subjectivism, in the nineteenth century, paintings of ruins stood for the impossibility of turning back time as felt by the individual flooded by a sensation of nostalgia. Since the birth of photography, but especially since the twentieth century, ruins as a result of bombings have - through photographs and documentaries distributed by the media - contributed to showing the true face of war.

The works are situated between imagination and reality and contemplating the entire heritage of these meanings (ruin-civilization, present-past, construction-destruction).  The representations –paintings, photographs, films- of Moni K. Huber, Andrea Kalinová and Csaba Nemes refer locations in the so-called Communist Block, showing architecture that has been abandoned and today lies in ruins or fulfills new functions: passing from the socialist to the contemporary period they all have acquired a different meaning. A lot of the architecture represented (hotels and tourist resorts on the Croatian coast) was, at the moment of its construction, a real paradigm of modernity, and a sign for a future full of promises. From the contemporary perspective we could ask whether this architecture, destroyed and abandoned, doesn’t indeed represent the reflection of a collapse, the failure of an utopia.

Considering that they have been stripped of their initial function and the everyday use to which they are now put (a spa in Slovakia, state-sponsored housing in Hungary), these constructions also constitute an interesting metaphor of the overlapping layers of history and the different narrations that form it. They help to uncover meanings that are more enlightening than the history of political events. (text: Pia Jardi)

18:00 Galerie Gans (Kirchberggasse 4, 1070 Vienna) presentation of Csaba Nemes
19:00 Galerie Knoll  (Gumpendorferstraße 18, 1060 Vienna) opening speech of Judit
Angel (curator, art historian)