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Ludmila Hrachovinová: Silent Immediacy

Ludmila Hrachovinová: Without Title, 2020, oil/cavas, 210x140 cm


07. March, 2020., 6 p.m.


Program of the event:


by the artist and the Human Art Space


Exhibition is on view til

06. 06. 2020



“With this exhibition, I try to redefine the viewer’s relationship as well as her position to the medium of painting. I deal with the position(s) of the spectator’s body entering the exhibition and its ways of approaching paintings with their “historical luggage”. But I also reflect on the specificity of a given space. The above-mentioned factors alongside with my performance constitute the exhibition itself. Here, as it is with my artistic practice, art is extended from the canvas to the whole space and is set up in situations involving installed elements (i.e. the canvases) and performances.

As an artist, I am interested in such subjects as power relations, human strength, activity, passivity, manipulation and obedience, presence and immediacy; how one can rediscover her own presence and existence in the present time and environmental, socio-political structures; being controlled vs. being free, being active vs. being passive, being close vs. being distant (participation vs absence, individual vs general).

My answer to all these is the body, of our own, in its tension, in its relaxedness; with its presence reflecting the inner emotions, strengths, weaknesses, possibilities through the limits of bending, rotating and balancing; together these are the qualities that can answer the reality of the present time.”



The opening performance is part of the Gallery Weekend Budapest20