Art Tour Krakow & Łodz

General informations on the Art Tour Cracow and Łódź 2017

March 16-19, 2017

Cracow is at a very interesting point in his newest history, especially concerning the contemporary scene and the attitude towards a more open society. A new generation is emerging in the city after decades of state socialism and a strong concentration on history in general. This generation it oriented towards new values of an open Europe and a contemporary life style - also due to their good education and experiences in other European cities. Remarkable new initiatives developed which we will follow during our tour. Nevertheless, above all the hopes and innovative projects, one can sense different apprehensions because of the new government in Poland: the awakening of this city (at least in the younger generation) is threatened by conservative and reactionary developments which could destroy and reverse a lot. 

During our tour through the city we will visit the important institutions like Bunkier Sztuki, the National Museum and the fantastic MOCAK. Of course the beautiful and big monuments of the city of Cracow won’t be missed - the famous Wawel and the old historic centre. Further we will see the newest initiatives of the young generation like new exhibition spaces and galleries. Another highlight will be a short excursion to the ideal model city of socialist times, Nova Huta, which is situated on the outskirts of Krakow. It’s an example of the huge plans and transformations of the Polish society in the 20th century. 

Lodz, the biggest industrial area of Poland before 1900, undergoes a big change towards movie industry and design in recent years. We will visit one of the oldest museums of modern and contemporary art in the world (it opened already in 1931) which is located within the impressive industrial district. Another special in this district is our visit of the museum for artistic books which is in a very precarious situation nowadays and situated within a historical mansion. 

If you are interested in participating please contact us via e-mail.