Art Tour Budapest

Saturday 10 March (or Friday evening) until Sunday 11 March 2018

This year, a thematic emphasis of our Budapest art tour is the collecting of art. “Lost Inheritance,” a new book   by Péter Molnos, introduces prominent art collectors during turn-of-the-century 1900s. We show the inheritance of five aristocratic and Jewish bourgeois at turn of the 19th/20th centuries, whose collections were amongst the most stellar ones in Europe. Although some parts of these collections are no longer in Hungary, they left their traces all across Budapest: palaces, mausoleums in the Jewish Cemetery, paintings in the National Gallery. Additional to the historical achievements, we will bring you to contemporary private collections, artist studios, exhibits, museums and galleries (such as Common Affairs, Collaborative Art Projects, Double Heads Matches). Some aspects of the current cultural politics will also be seen.

The program sent to you before departure includes all addresses, so you may join us at any time during the day. Tour guides explain in both German and English languages. Previous to the weekend tour, we offer preparatory details for Budapest, the current art dialogues, Hungarian art, links, etc.

KnollGalerieWien+Budapest invites you to join us for an art tour weekend to Budapest from 10-11 March 2018. The program will provide exciting insight into the Hungarian and mid-European collections and art scene. We will meet artists, collectors and art historians. Tour start is Saturday morning, you may join us Friday 9 March evening, or arrive Saturday morning early, departing Sunday evening.

We recommend the just-renovated Hotel Medosz in the city center, close to the Opera. Further hotel options and price ranges available upon request.

Participation in our Art Tour Weekend is €50 per person. Arrival and departure is arranged by each person individually (for example, train starting at €38 / Vienna-Budapest return, early booking; or Regiojet Bus €18 / Flixbus €27,80). Participants please contact us: We will then send you a preliminary program. Minimum of 9 participants, all information subject to no liability.