András J. Nagy

1977 born in Hungary
lived in Komáron and Budapest (Hungary), Pyrgos (Grieece) and Sarasota, Florida (U.S.) until the early '80s
grew up in New York City's South Bronx and South Brooklyn
lives and works derzeit currently in Macedonia


1985started taking photographs in the age of eight with his fathers Leica M4, documented mostly graffiti
1996moved to Rotterdam in 1996, started university
1999MFA Ivy League College and continued until a PhH in Art History 
2000moved to Los Angeles, California to work on his thesis and worked as a freelance street photographer; first photographs in the collections of museums and galleries
2003-05lived in Osaka, Japan; Los Angeles, California and Brooklyn, New York
2005-10moved to Brooklyn, New York, where he worked as a full time documentary- and street photographer
2010moved to Budapest after a brief stint in Milwaukee Wisconsin
2010 - datolived and worked as a street photographer in different European countries such as Hungary, Estonia, Germany, Montenegro, Czech Republic, Austria etc. Since 2010 has been mostly focusing on disadvantaged people and the streets that they call home
2014moved to Macedonia