Unicorn is more than Nation



  • Ági Eperjesi, Kippa
  • Florian Aschka, untitled, c-print, ed. 3+1, 2012, 45x36 cm
  • Sazbolcs Kisspál, Amorous Inscription, c-print, 2012, 42x59,4 cm
  • Kundy Crew, Unicorn is more than Nation, embroidery, 2014, 15x11 cm
  • Jarmila Mitrikova & David Demianovic, Forest Ceremony, pyrography on plywood and wood dye painting, 2012, 180x125 cm
  • Csaba Nemes, Activist Cockade, 3 photos by Zsuzsi Flohr, 2013, à 21x29,7 cm
  • Tara (von Neudorf), Trianon, Tusche und Marker auf Papier, 2006, 70x100 cm
  • Gert Resinger, Gery Designer Serie, ed 2/5, Collage, Karton, Holz, 2014, 200x150 cm

Florian Aschka (D)
Ágnes Eperjesi (HU)
Kundy Crew (SK)
Szabolcs KissPál (HU)
Tibor Horváth (HU)
Marek Kvetan (SK)
Jarmila Mitríková & Dávid Demjanovič (SK)
Csaba Nemes (HU)
Tara (von Neudorf) (RO)
Tomáš Rafa (SK)
Gert Resinger (AT)
Alexander Raevski (MD)
Lawrence Weiner (USA)

curators: Hans Knoll, Simona Bérešová

Aug 7 - Sept 20, 2014 

The summer exhibition „Unicorn is more than Nation“ at Knoll Gallery Vienna deals with the topic „nation“, which has become important in Europe again. 

The artists elaborate the issue partly in a fundamental, partly in a humorous way. The exhibited works reflect different forms of the legitimation of nationalist ideologies. On the one hand its history and how it can be constructed. On the other hand the folk traditions and folklore, which have the power to appear timeless and native thanks to the preservation of the same forms. An important part of the national consciousness are symbols which comprise a sacred value, but which are ironised and demythicized by the artists. Several works challenge ideologies, which seem to be universal and to which nationalism belongs too.
Resistent movements, riots, protests and demonstrations are essential here. Therefore the presented works are dealing with a wide scale of questions touching the topic of the „nation“ directly or indirectly. The artists belonging to different parts of Europe focus on general or international aspects as well as on issues of their own countries.