Opening: Wednesday, 13th June 2012, 7pm
Exhibition lasts until July 31st 2012

János Borsos
Lörinc Borsos
The Corporation
Tibor Horváth
László Karácsonyi
Miklós Mécs
Csaba Vándor

curator: Zsuzska Kozák

There´s a less praiseworthy hungaricum: the inclination to feed a wide variety of  antipathy for the ones they must live next to.  After the internal and foreign policy  events of the closest past, this turned even more beyond endurance. May it aim at the citizen of a neighbour country, at a nationality or ethnic group living in one´s own country, or at the known or unknown person next door who doesn´t share our political view. The world can only be informed through the media about the Hugarian social problems shocking the domestic and international public opinion. This exhibition has set oneself the target to step next to the official news as alternative source of information, to show their topics not from above, from the point of view of the small group shaping the politics, but from below, about the individual life that cannot be represented in the news.

This topic absorbes a part of the young generation of Hunarian artists for a long time. An emblematic figure of their stream is Tibor Horváth, who, with his artistic production keeping a strict distance from the extremist political groups but carrying radical messages, is the uncorrodable dare-devil of the inland scene. His pictures and objects tinkered of diverse materials criticise mostly with gentle, sometimes with shameless humour and on a compact visual language. The Corporation (János Borsos, Lilla Lörinc, Erik Mátrai, Gergely Papp, Gábor Szenteleki), a group existing since 2000, doesn´t select between assets, either. They prepared their spezial installation, which examines the Austrian-Hungarian relations, downright fort his exhibition. The work Borderline Cases of  the married and artist couple Lörinc-Borsos catches the middle eastern european proportions, whilst the individual installation of Borsos demonstrates the tipical phenomen also within the borders of Hungary, the hate on everything and everyone. The photo series of the eternal teenager intermedia artist Miklós Mécs, that could have seen nowhere before, attracts attention to the corruption and the lack of social net. His marble plate singed together with Csaba Vándor, that he tried to sell without avail on Naschmarkt, commemorates selfcritically of the Austrian-Hungarian relations during the System Change 89. László Krácsonyi – in whos art doesn´t dominate the enquiry of public affairs – draws through a classical medium, oil painting, his fear, that the fact, that the individual stands at the end of the decision-making process started by a tight political elite, has fallen out their perspective.

Neither abroad, nor in Hungary such kind of exhibition was organized before. The mission of art is to be a transmitter of opininons that cannot get to the listening audience anyhow else. And these young artists do not like remaining silent.