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Àkos Birkás: "R. D."

"The Barricade closes the Street, but opens the Way. A Germain in London", 2010, Oil/Canvas, 120 x 170 cm

27.11. 2010 - 19.03. 2011

The enigmatic title of the exhibition is a monogram, which refers to Rudi Dutschke (the charistmatic leader of the Germain Students Movement at the end of 1960s), but to his discussion-partner, Ralf Dahrendorf  at the same time.Their debate on the FDP-Party-days (on the top of a car) was one of the most memorable events of `68. Birkás invokes with his works the events of this epoch and reflects onto the impulses of the revolutionary movements as well. But also onto the fact, that these effects functioned just partly and arrived late to Hungary. Saying with the sociologist, Dahrendorf: the lucky countries discuss sharply the future, but people are agree about the past. In the less lucky countries is the situation reverse...

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