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Knoll Galria Budapest


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Harald Hund - Paul Horn: Dropping Furniture, 2008, two-channel video, 5min.

Paul Horn - Harald Hund

22. January - 21. March 2009

The Austrian artist couple in their sitespecific installation, titled „Darkness“ develope the feeling of levitation between comfortable and uncomfortable making ambivalent atmosphere by photos, paintings, videoworks, lightboxes and the changing of light. In the space falling into total dark, lights flash periodically and other times we can see certain parts in diffuse light. Besides the continuous transformation of illumination the subjects of the videoworks are also determinative: the intimate silence of a couple what can be interpreted as a dialog between them suggests the sense of familiar feeling while in the other video the noise making by furniture falling down from the ceiling to the ground, generates the feeling of fear. But with the latter the dreamable aspect of the situation becomes more intensive.
With the continuous changing of conditions of perception psychic spaces are created what opening wide on the line of light and dark, and this could recall also the shelter what suitable for a withdrawal and the feeling of the idyllic and the surprise by mapping the whole scales of the living spaces.
Through the dynamically changing relations of space and other physical factors, the problems of scenes of being and existence become prominent in the work of Paul Horn and Harald Hund.