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Sundaygirls 09. 09. 07, 2008, photo, 70x86 cm

Luca Gõbölyös: Sundaygirls

24. 09 - 15. 11. 2008.


With the snapshots of the Sundaygirls series started more than one year ago Luca Gõbölyös lets insight in her private being thereby, she shares with the spectator the most significant moments from her random Sundays. Although the work represents a diary-like working and temporal procedure, yet it is just hardly similar to the photoblogs so popular nowadays. Gõbölyös makes snapshots regularly but not day-to-day, only just Sundays, recording a few honoured moments of her leisure and relaxing times. The intimacy reflected by the photos as she presents her works in the form of exhibition, as objects, and not makes them visible on the Internet to show it on screen. The subjects of her photos are very intimate, showing frequently the little discoveries of her personal space, for example as she recognises her face reflected in miniature in the shining surface of the door handle, or as she discovers that her friend and she accidentally wears similar skirts, shoes and stockings or as the way she gazes at the reactions of her own body. On her snapshots she always uses special perspectives and adopts such cuttings that make visible structures that hardly recognizable at some other time, similarly to the functioning and attitude in a determinant group of the classical avant-garde photos.